The Marine Community Ecology lab at LSU is not currently recruiting graduate students. However, prospective students (MS or PhD) interested in conducting interdisciplinary, collaborative research in coastal systems in the Gulf of Mexico with a focus on marine benthic species or juvenile fish are welcome to inquire about the possibility of pursuing a graduate fellowship.

Ideal applicants will have a strong background in ecology and/or marine science (bachelors or masters degree), excellent written and oral communication skills, and a demonstrated potential to conduct intensive field-based research both independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team. Experience in quantitative ecology (mathematics, statistics) preferred.

Those interested in applying for a position should email Cassandra Glaspie detailing your interest in the lab along with your educational background and relevant skills. Prospective students should also fill out a pre-application form for the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences (DOCS) before applying directly to LSU’s Graduate School. Please review the admission criteria for both DOCS and the Graduate School. Applications must be received before May 15th for admission in the fall semester and by October 15th for the spring semester.